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Lewis Parker – Frequency of Perfection (Instrumentals)

Discover Lewis Parker’s FREQUENCY OF PERCEPTION Instrumentals today. Learn more >

E. Lundquist – Art Between Minds

Discover E. Lundquist’s latest album, “Art Between Minds”. Learn more >

Yancey Boys (Illa J & Frank Nitt) Sunset Blvd.

Delicious Vinyl x KU. Yancey Boys (J Dilla & Illa J) “Sunset Blvd 2LP reissue. Learn more >

All Beats Produced By J Dilla

In official collaboration with legendary Los Angeles record label Delicious Vinyl, KU drops All Beats Produced By J Dilla. Learn more >

Nicky Prince – Listen Up

Announcing soul & R&B singer Nicky Prince is on KU. Learn more >

The Jay Dee Tee

In official collaboration with legendary Los Angeles record label Delicious Vinyl, KU drops The Jay Dee Tee collection. Learn more >

Robohands – Shapes

‘Shapes’, the third album from the London-based instrumentalist-composer-producer-extraordinaire, was initially planned to be recorded in full at Buffalo Studios with producer JP Pilon in Limehouse, London. While much of the record, including all of the drumming, was completed there, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Baxter to get creative and flex his talents as an engineer. Baxter, who has become obsessed with gear and the technical side of the creative process, just as much as with being a well-versed composer and musician, was able to finish the remainder of the record at his flat in London. Learn more >

CRAC – All For You

Record Store Day’s CRAC ‘All For You’ deluxe vinyl release is on silver vinyl with a printed inner-sleeve. Learn more >

Nim Sadot – Nim Quartet

KU releases a 2LP reissue edition on red and black vinyl of Nim Sadot’s ‘Nim Quartet’.
Learn more >

Cavendish Music Library

KingUnderground to release a collection of 8, 45s from the Cavendish Music catalogue. Paying homage to the genre of Library Music, furthering its exposure to a new generation of listeners. 
Learn more >