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Record Store Day

Magic In Threes ‘Stay In Your Lane’ limited edition Record Store Day 7-inch single.


Find this in UK official Record Stores Sat, Aug 29.


* 500 copies
* Record Store Day, UK release
* Dinked 7-inch

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The Nashville crew are back with even more top-shelf vintage-tinged funk. The limited 500 pressing dinked 45 is their 6th seven-inch record, this time showcasing a superb horn section with sleazy bass permeating the groove.


Stay In Your Lane’ bursts through with a dramatic cadence of slick guitar, aggressive bass, subtle wah-wah, and a soulful bridge section – smooth and cinematic library-style funk at its finest. ‘Measly Peace’ shows off a hypnotic groove with tight drums, lush chords, and a driving rhythm reminiscent of a 70’s cop show theme, but with some new age flair.


Their previous releases have impressed patrons of all dance floors and vinyl bars since 2010, and anyone familiar with those will be happy to add this one to their crates. Another killer 45 from the stellar as ever Magic In Threes.

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