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M.T. Fujitive – Prudence

M.T. Fujitive – Prudence

From the upcoming Strata Compilation.

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Berlin-based producer/beatmaker, M.T. Fujitive maintains his chill, with new single “Prudence” from the upcoming KingUnderground ‘Strata’ compilation.

Design by Rolling Drum Studios.
Design by Rolling Drum Studios.

After becoming obsessed with 90’s hip hop in 2013, M.T. Fujitive found himself immersed in Abelton. He was convinced that people had stopped making the types of beats that were composed in the “Golden Era” and had drawn him into the art form. That was until he discovered the music of German-based producer/ beat maker, Wun Two.

Hearing his music blew my mind and I really felt like this was my calling, to become a producer. I pretty much owe my career to him.”

Photo of M.T. Fujitive in Munich. Taken by Mimi Smalls.
Photo of M.T. Fujitive in Munich. Taken by Mimi Smalls.

M.T. Fujitives’s new sample-based track “Prudence” is a calm, laid-back beat, which is a reflection of the cool-headed producer’s personality, which permeates in the song, and allows the listener to just breathe and relax.

"Strata" album design by Rolling Drum Studios. Available in 2022.

“When I was making this beat, I remember going through one of those phases where I literally only listened to The Beatles for weeks on end. “Dear Prudence” was one of those songs I really connected with and how the track got its name”

It’s that light tune to get the day started with your morning coffee but can equally serve the role of the perfect soundtrack to an evening nightcap, or the mid-afternoon spliff. It instantly puts you in a groove and the samples give you the feeling as if you are in the room with the musicians working out the tune. The gentle guitar almost sounds as if it is being played in a separate room from the drums.

“It kind of brings you into the room that is most likely filled with cigarette smoke and the smell of old trench coats. Then there is the lonely guitar player wearing a suit and a tie, putting everyone at ease like a lullaby.”

The background noise within the track creates a mood and even though it is not captured for long, it has the ability to take you somewhere. One of the beautiful things about sample-based music is the relics left behind in the original creations, the things you couldn’t remove even if you tried. “Prudence” is a beneficiary of those relics.

By Dan Cable – 11/03/2022

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