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For immediate release

PRESS RELEASE: KU announces new Flughand album

For immediate release


March 25, 2022

KU announces brand-new Flughand album called "1000".

The album will be avaialble on vinyl, streaming and download along with a limited edition t-shirt. Album release date TBA.
We'll be releasing a few singles in the meantime.

Picture of Flughand by Christoph Metzger.
Flughand, returns with new album ‘1000’. A new collection of tunes that continue to explore the realm of lo-fi beats, jazz, and hip hop. The German based, producer and composer uncovered his love for deep pockets and downtempo beats in the late 90s and ‘1000’ is an extension of that sound and how his production style has evolved over time.
“Every track I create is done with a new approach. Not in terms of my technique, more in the creation of a feeling. It’s a new journey everytime and I never know where it’s going beforehand. I don’t follow special guides, I don’t have an intended or targeted audience, just familiar sounds and production elements from time to time”. - Flughand
Album design by Posterlad.
By Flughand

The album offers the listener space to create their own narrative to go alongside the instrumental experience. The nature of the music is often transcendent, and offers the listener space to create their own narrative to go alongside the mostly instrumental experience. Even though most of the tracks hover around the 2 minute mark, each of them quickly begin to feel like their own individual dream that all exist within the same world.
It’s calm, yet thought provoking. It’s patient, yet curious. “Sowii'' the first single from the project, showcases Flughand’s production expertise and ability to chop up a vocal for its use as not narrative, but as a texture, and instrument itself. Its presence does not indicate an emotion, just a subtle voice to keep you tethered to the world created, so you don’t fall too far off the mystical path that is brought forward by the spacey keys line.
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