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PRESS RELEASE: Record Store Day 2021 with High Pulp

For immediate release


April 29, 2021

KU announces High Pulp - Mutual Attraction Vol. 2
for Record Store Day

High Pulp returns with a brand new installment of covers, on Mutual Attraction Vol 2. A spiritual jazz journey, interpreting arrangements by Arthur Verocai, Cortex and Casiopea

High Pulp will release Mutual Attraction Vol.2 on June 12th in RSD store across the world.

1000 copies on black vinyl | Available in the USA

500 copies on green vinyl | Available in the UK

Arthur Verocai
High Pulp is an 8-piece band that emerged from the Royal Room, a legendary Seattle Jazz club where they held “Funk Church” jam sessions in 2017. Their signature sound is a Psychedelic fusion of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Soul which come together with complex, well-thought-out arrangements and progressive style. After successful sessions and premieres with prestigious station KEXP, and being at the forefront of the Seattle music scene, they are now branching out and taking their sound worldwide.

The Mutual Attraction series is about paying homage and looking back to influences that have paved the way for informing the band’s sound. It was important to the band to find 3 different significant spaces to record each volume. MA Vol. 2 was recorded at a house that the group’s drummer, Bobby Granfelt holds many fond childhood memories. It is the house that his father grew up in, and a house that his grandfather built. A house that would eventually become Granfelt’s current residence and also is the band’s home base for rehearsing and hanging out. It is a reflection of the past and the present, as are these interpretations of songs. Rich textures and cinematic grooves alongside trippy guitars, lush Rhodes keys, and soulful horns. Covering tunes that may have flown under the radar, but have impacted the group immensely.
All of the tunes within the Mutual Attraction albums are single live takes, with video accompaniment, capturing the energy of a High Pulp live show. Each, its own journey through time, channeling the free spirit, and notions of the original composers.
Arthur Verocai
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