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PRESS RELEASE: KU announces Other Mirror’s debut album.

Other Mirror's debut album
will be here soon.

There are 100 silver and 400 black vinyl.

Available at KingUnderground March 11.

Everywhere else April 9.

KingUnderground Artist
Other Mirror will release a full length album on KU in April 2021.
KingUnderground announces Other Mirror’s debut record with a limited edition 100 coloured vinyl pressing, and 400 copies on black vinyl. Mixed by legendary engineer ‘No Sleep’ Nigel, who has worked with a plethora of the UK Hip-Hop scene since the late ’80s.

Other Mirror are James Tilley, Amelie Chevalier and Jonny Cuba. The 3 formed the band in 2018. They had talked for many years about starting a project together and after several years of pursuing their own creative endeavours, the school friends found themselves reunited and finally creating music with one another. Although the Self Titled LP is Other Mirror’s band debut, they’re far from newcomers. Jonny Cuba has been an active musician since the late 90s, with other collaborative highlights including The Herbaliser, Mike James Kirkland, and production for legendary British Library labels KPM, Bruton, and Cavendish. Tilley has had multiple releases with his first band, Fabric, from the early to late 90s, and has collaborations with DJ Food, and recording sessions with John Peel. Chevalier is an accomplished vocal coach, dancer, and choreographer with various session work, including live shows at Glastonbury Festival, and Bestival. Rounding out the trio with her mystical vocal delivery and groovy bass lines.
The results of the band’s initial collaborations feel reminiscent of a Quintin Tarantino movie, cinematic and groovy in nature. Other Mirror is particularly drawn to the power of music within film and TV. Its ability to support and affect the narrative is similar to how the band taps into direct emotions.
“The music can be partially improvised with unexpected sections. Like films are made in the edit, we follow a similar approach when we are composing.” - Amelie Chevalier
The Other Mirror debut reflects the band's long-standing rapport together. It often feels like there is a conversation happening within the music between the old friends. Their unconventional approach to composing adds a familiar flavor to each track on their self-titled LP.
We are proud to have Other Mirror making their debut on KingUnderground, we hope that you will consider doing a feature, premiere, or review on the album.
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