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PRESS RELEASE: KU announces new release with Lewis Parker

For immediate release


March 26, 2021

Lewis Parker announces new
songs from upcoming album

KU launches the 2-track single on May 7 on black and limited red vinyl

all i got
Photo by Dan Englander. Post production by Iamnaomidesign.
The world-wide known Parker has been releasing records since his early teenage years and has created a deep body of work over the course of his career. He’s been a staple of the hip hop scene since the late ’90s, after inking his first major-label deal in 1998. Leading to some of his most well-known work with the Iconic Ghostface Killah, as well as, modern-day phenom, Joey Bada$$.
all i got
Parker’s commitment to the game continues after over 20 years of consistent contributions to the genre. The veteran of Hip Hop has no problem keeping the Golden Era of Hip hop alive and well into 2021. Whether it’s an instrumental or a track with a hook, his style is timeless and exists on the upcoming releases of “All I Got” and “Thug Livin”.
New grooves, same Lewis Parker clinic on how to create a pocket that oozes with feel and soul. “All I Got” has a funky bass line that hooks you in quickly and provides the foundation for the rhythm that the vocals fall into. Complemented by ambient dancing keys and subtle percussion, providing depth to the pocket. The instrumental version of “Thug Livin” is reminiscent of something off of the iconic “Superfly” soundtrack. Timeless guitar sounds and a tempo that cruises. Planet Asia, who Parker has worked with several times in the past, makes his return on the 12. Featuring on “Thug Livin”, which captures a sound reminiscent of 90’s New York City Hip Hop.

Side B is Thug Livin’.

Featuring Planet Asia.

Planet Asia’s resume is no short stack. Along with being a goto collaborator for Lewis. Planet Asia has made records with some of the most acclaimed hip hop producers in the game, including Madlib, Apollo Brown, and Evidence. The Bay area, Grammy-nominated rapper, has also been making music since the late ’90s and has put out records on iconic hip hop labels, Stones Throw and Interscope. He made big waves in the Rap scene when he was first discovered and has carved out a long-lasting career with his 20 plus solo releases, as well as his versatility in being an undeniable collaborator.
planet asia
Photo by Dan Englander. Post production by Iamnaomidesign.
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KU has introduced new musicians and bands to the culture and reinvigorated some legends too. What started as a record-retailer back in 2005 has evolved into a curated record label and collective of musicians, producers & DJs. KU is dedicated to making the best music out there and sharing this with the world.
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