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Welcome to Other Mirror.

Other Mirror’s album is here.

Limited edition silver & black vinyl.

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Other Mirror was formed by longtime friends, Jonny Cuba (Soundsci Producer), Amelie Chevalier (vocalist), and James Tilley (multi-instrumentalist). In 2018, the band found themselves creating music together, for a project that they had talked about starting since becoming school friends many years prior. Although this is the band’s debut album and debut on KingUnderground, the members who make up the group are far from newcomers.

Each individual brings a strong track record of music and creative experience to the project, which informs each of their musical philosophies and approach to collaborating and conceptualizing art together.

jonny cuba james tilley
Limited edition of Other Mirror's debut on silver vinyl.

Other Mirror – Cat Scratch.

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“Each of us has our own way of working with naturally different methods. Jamie is freewheeling, improvisational and will create multiple layers and ideas from one starting point. As the producer Jonny is more methodical, taking an overview of the composition and cohering the musical ideas. My approach is instinctive in reaction to the music and sympathetic to the feel of the track.” – Amelie

While the 3 may be coming at things from different angles, they always find themselves heading in the same direction, with a hive mind mentality that no one is limited to one specific role in the band.

Other Mirror.

A Short Film.

“For every track we always get together to do the final edit and arrangement. We work through each piece in a very democratic way and it has always been an easy and thoroughly enjoyable, creative process. There is a lot of listening and discussion, no egos, it’s all about what sounds right!” – Amelie Chevalier

“The music can be partially improvised with unexpected sections. Like films are made in the edit, we follow a similar approach when we are composing.” – Amelie Chevalier

Other Mirror – More Alive.

The instincts to follow feeling, evoke an emotional landscape, that is sensitive to the music but never feels overthought. There is freedom and an uplifting spirit that exists in the tunes.

Black limited silver vinyl

“It seems to flow through the old friends as if their music was a conversation,  “Working with James and Jonny has brought an opportunity to create music of such detail, freedom to try different things, to respond to the music and see what happens. The music is so unusual, yet funky and soulful, unexpected and non-conformist. It appeals to me so much.” – Amelie Chevalier

The Other Mirror debut is a mirror image of the bands long-standing rapport and their unconventional way of working together adds a familiar flavour in each track on their self-titled LP.

By Dan Cable – 05/03/2021

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