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Arthur Verocai

Record Store Day: High Pulp – Mutual Attraction Vol. 2

Record. Store. Day.

High Pulp.
Mutual Attraction Vol 2.

Available June 28 at KU.

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Arthur Verocai

Presente Grego.

High Pulp interpreting Arthur Verocai.

Arthur Verocai

High Pulp returns with a brand new installment of covers, on Mutual Attraction Vol 2. A spiritual jazz journey, interpreting arrangements by Arthur Verocai, Cortex and Casiopea. The 8-piece fusion band pays homage to tracks and artists that have woven themselves into their DNA.

Mutual Attraction.

A short-film.

The Mutual Attraction series is about paying homage and looking back to influences that have paved the way for informing the band’s sound. The group wanted to find 3 different significant spaces to record each volume. MA Vol. 2 was recorded at a house that the group’s drummer, Bobby Granfelt holds many fond childhood memories. It is the house that his father grew up in, and a house that his grandfather built. A house that would eventually become Granfelt’s current residence and also is the band’s home base for rehearsing and hanging out. It is a reflection of the past and the present, as are these interpretations of songs.

Tropeau Bleu.

High Pulp covering Cortex.

Arthur Verocai

Each tune on the Mutual Attraction project is captured live, and one take through, as a band. It gives the recorded material a live feel, that represents the energy that can be experienced at a High Pulp show. It is a fully realized idea, with visual components, that include a live video for each track, as well as live painting that took place on location, during each of the recording sessions, which eventually become the album art for each album within the collection.


Original version by Casiopea.

High Pulp is the sum of all their parts, and one that can’t be overlooked, is the band’s dedicated sound engineer, Drew Pine. While Pine does not play an instrument in the band, he is considered and valued as an equal member of the group. He has been working with the band nearly as long as its initial conception and is key in helping the fully realised vision come to life. MA Vol. 2 is another brilliant showcase of Pine’s ability to record a band in non-traditional recording spaces and leans into the band’s “go with it” attitude. In Oscar’s Cottage (Granfelts house) Pine played Wizard of Oz, building himself a makeshift control room behind a curtain in the live room (living room), feeding his talkback mic into their monitors.

The free nature of the unique art project resonates with the spirit and the notions of the tracks’ original composers.

By Dan Cable – 20/04/2021

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